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Short Film

The Dream Couch

The Dream Couch

This short film was a "script to screen" challenge, where 10 lines from a 20 line script had to be selected. From there, an original scene was to be constructed. We decided to take the challenge and this is what we came up with. Thanks to the rescue dog named Rue.


Camera: Nikon D5500 | Lens: 18-55mm 3.5-5.6, 50mm 1.8 | Audio: Movo wireless microphone | Music: ES_Endless Dreaming - Digital Camel



Many of us live our lives without reason and without knowing why we are here on earth. Most People believe we have good days and off days and everybody knows life isn't always easy. The main character in Provision was living a normal life when all hell broke loose for him. A chain of event spiraled him downward without any reason to look up. However, like him, our life was never meant to be something that we regret living. Actually, our lives are daily battlefields where we fight to proclaim our God given victories. 

1 Corinthian 10:13 speaks a proverb that could be translated as, "God will never gives you more than you can handle in your life." So no matter how hard your life struggles may seem, just remember the bible is living proof that your struggle is not new to mankind. God knows how much your plate can handle. If things don't go your way, God wants you to know that he doesn't love you to hurt you. When we are tested just remember God is building your character stronger. I hope you enjoy our first featured short film and greater is yet to come.


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