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I Pray - Official Music Video
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The song is an intercessory prayer to God about the events that has taken place across this country such as, the war against citizens and law enforcement, natural disasters, mass shootings,etc. The aim of this song is to spark prayer and unity in this country, because we need God more than ever.

I was inspired by the Holy Ghost to write this song in the early months of 2017. After writing and recording this song, i felt compelled to release it immediately on Facebook. I believed that the song needed to be heard across this country so here is the official music video.

Directed by Mark "DJ Motivation" Lopez.

WinkLoveLoss contacted us to producer and edit a music video for one of their new songs called Wrapped In Black. The style we were going for was based off of the 1960's black and white. The song takes about losing somebody you love and wanting to be with the somebody you love. This video was shoot in a old paint room in a auto shop in Sioux City, Iowa.


This video is about how natural lighting can positively affect cinematography but also about how too much NL can sometimes ruin your shots. You have to find the balance between the right lighting and over lighting. I look forward to reading your comments, suggestions and advice because life for me is about growing in faith, knowledge, loving my wife and making media that matters.

The Delightful Living Show partnered up with me for this video about friends. The main goal was to find random every day people that has their own opinion about their friends. We went out to hunt these people down and thanks to the contributors in this run and gun documentary style interview, we have some good entertainment.

Here's a Spoken Word briefly reflecting on what love is from DJ Motivation's point of view.

This was a idea that was placed on my heart. May people struggle with doing things for the kingdom. Many often feel discouraged because it seems like they can never finish what they have started in life. This video briefly explains that God doesn't look at the completion of the work, instead He looks at the attitude of the heart.

Here is the music score sheet for one of the composition that Mark Lopez composed for the film No soul required. The name of the score is "Satan Gives Enevelope". If go back up to the link "No Soul Required", this score is the last soundtrack that places before the film ends. This score was made to bring suspense to the movie and a big build up at the end. Feel free to jump over to the Music tab and listen to the MP3 version of this score. Click "HERE" to view the music score PDF. 


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