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5 things we shouldn't do when marketing with social media

Hello Friends and Family,

Many friends and people that i’ve worked with have all talked about the best ways to market online through social media. However, I have only read a few articles about what we shouldn’t do when we market through social media. I have found a article that talks about 5 things we should try to avoid when marketing in 2016. Us marketers try to find new and innovating ways to make promoting easier and we tend to publish one thing perfectly but then we also try to publish the same message on other social sites but through a platform that would post to multiple sites at once. Here is a quick summary of the 5 things we need to stop.

  • Not tracking Your Links

This month we are learning about google analytics. This one way we can finally track our post or track how many people come to our pages or sites based solely from our marketed link. 

  •  Auto-Posting to multiple social sites through third party apps

I know a few people as well as myself that use tools like Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social and a few other to easily promote to multiple social channels. This is becoming a big no because a Facebook post will not transfer smoothly for a twitter or even a instagram posting. The picture will not load on twitter and instagram will post the picture without a caption.

  • Not using correct image specifications

If you have ever worked in graphic designing? If not, now is the time to meet new friends. To post the proper banner image with the correct size for the giving specifications, the image might need to be edited or cropped to make it fit the given web site. Accorded to forbes, “Brains can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds, which is much faster than text.” With that said, if the marketing images is plain and none attractive, consumers will stroll right past it like they were scrolling through photos on instagram.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget about the basic things like Not spell checking, Responding unprofessional, posting in a hurry or Not thinking twice before posting. Make sure your post is genuine and perfect before posting.

The last two are really the things that caught my attention. It deals with how you word your marketing scheme and what should you depend on when marketing. Now that I have told you all five, if you would like to read more about thing 4 and 5 click on the article in my reference section below.




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